25th World Congress of Philosophy

Pengumuman dari penganjur

To Member societies, associations, and institutes of FISP.

Dear Colleagues,

Please find enclosed some relevant information concerning the 25th World Congress of Philosophy, to be held in Rome, Italy, on August 1-8, 2024.

  1. Registration and submissions are open. Registration to the Congress is now open and available through the website of the Congress, (http://wcprome2024.com/). Online submission of contributed papers is also possible through the website. Please note that anyone can submit a paper to one of the 89 sections of the Congress; instructions about the modalities of online submission can be found on the website. Please feel free to write to the Secretariat of the Congress (secretariat@wcprome2024.com) for any particular query.

  2. Round tables. Proposals for round tables are welcome. Please send your proposals either through the submission platform of the website (https://wcprome2024.com/paper/) or, if you prefer, directly to me. Please note that, according to WCP rules, round tables panelists should proceed from three different nationalities at least and that the standard duration for round tables is 2 hours.

  3. Student sessions. The Programme Committee of the Congress is working to enhance students sessions in the programme. These sessions are meant to help graduate and undergraduate students from different countries discuss their ongoing researchers with prominent international scholars. Additional information about these sessions will be provided at the beginning of 2023. At this stage, all members of FISP network are encouraged to promote and support students’ participation in the Congress.

  4. Society sessions. Member societies, associations, and institutes of FISP can hold their own sessions during the Congress. Society sessions may include scholarly symposia, administrative meetings, assemblies, and any other format that a society might choose to adopt; they imply no additional costs. As the number of available rooms may not be unlimited, though, it is advisable to submit requests as early as possible. Please contact me directly: I will be happy to assist you with any such request.

  5. General information. For additional information, please consult or download the Circular of the Congress (https://wcprome2024.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Grigio_Text-first-Circular-EN-1.pdf). Details concerning logistic arrangements, accommodation, and local information will be updated on a regular basis. For specific queries or information, please contact the Secretariat of the Congress (secretariat@wcprome2024.com).

Needless to say, you will be welcome to write to me for any further query, request, or information you might need.

Yours most cordially,

Luca Maria Scarantino